Leafs at 100

Ben Datmo has been thinking about the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Leafs. Here's how he breaks down his concept, which he originally submitted 14 months ago.

Although Kessel has now been traded, here's my concept for Toronto Maple Leafs 2016-17 season uniforms — a look back at the rich history of the franchise and a step in to the future.

The new leaf logo is a blend of the 11-point maple leaf logo that was first adopted during the 1967 Stanley Cup playoffs, and the current one that was introduced in '87. A new custom typeface for player/number has been drawn to work better with the pointier leaf logo and to add some edge to the teams otherwise classic appearance.

The triple stripes from the '67 playoff uniform has been added to the jersey, as have the current shoulder patch and laces to further emphasize and show respect to the rich history of the team.