Skipjack Comeback

Anyone remember the AHL's Baltimore Skipjacks? Will Sinnott does and he's resurrecting them for today's Minor League Sunday concept post. He writes:

It spun out of me buying some blank Capitals jerseys with the intent of actually making my brothers and me some modern day Skipjacks jerseys as though they were still a Caps affiliate. Since the Skipjacks traditionally just stuck their Jacks logo on their parent club's jerseys, the idea was to closely mimic the logos of current Caps jersey.

Once I got rolling in Illustrator, I decided to flesh out a fresh identity for the Skipjacks and the Caps-esque jersey was relegated to an alternate. Drawing inspiration from the Maryland state flag, the home and road uniforms use a ship's helm as a crest as the Skipjacks always did. The secondary anchor logo is an homage to yet another old Baltimore hockey team; the bottom of the anchor is shaped like the logo of the Baltimore Clippers.

Being an AHL team, the jerseys (unfortunately) need to have an ad logo, so I wanted to go with a brand that screams Baltimore. I'm not sure what league rules are about the types of uniform ads teams can have, but I thought there might be restrictions on alcohol ads. So I didn't use my first ad choice — Baltimore's beloved Mr. Boh, mascot of National Bohemian beer. Instead, I went with our beloved spice Old Bay. Most readers wouldn't get either ad, but Maryland readers will.

Would love to see what readers' thoughts are on this concept.