If the Orioles Played Hockey

With baseball season in full swing this week, I thought it might be relevant to share this set of Baltimore Orioles hockey sweaters from Will Sinnott. In fact, this orange jersey doesn't simply exist in cyberspace. Will actually made one himself. He writes:

Years ago, Nike (I think) put out some MLB hockey jerseys. I've never been able to hunt one down, so I decided to create my own. Considering that my all-time favorite Orioles bird is the cartoon Jim Hartzell would draw in the Baltimore Sun in the '50s and '60s, I set out to find a blank Flyers jersey from the Winter Classic. Since the look was retro, I made my brothers and I jerseys for classic Orioles Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell.
This is my layout for the Flyers orange jersey with an Oriole bird and lettering/numbers similar to the Orioles' '60s lettering/number color scheme. I furthered the concept by creating a white version of that existing Flyers design.
I get lots of compliments on my jersey at games and lots of people wondering where I got it. Check out this photo of the coolest instance of this from the 2016 Orioles Fan Fest. I was walking through the convention center and heard, "22! 22! Hey, 22!"
Finally, there was a forceful tug on my jersey from behind. Wondering who the hell was grabbing me, I turned and there was Hall of Famer Jim Palmer, #22 himself chasing me down to ask about the jersey!