It's All Black and White

For a few weekends, we're revisiting past Sunday concept series. Today, take a look back at a time when we all worried the New York Islanders were going to be wearing black and white when they moved to Brooklyn. Here's a trio of concepts I never got around to sharing.

First up, Jason Pires created a set of home and road sweaters for the Isles. As black and white jerseys go, these aren't half bad. I particularly like the wave pattern on the pants.

Concepts page rookie Reagan King offers up a third jersey modeled after the old Brooklyn Dodgers. While it might sell, I see them doing something more original.

Finally, Bryan Wrede — two rookies in one day! — has another third jersey option. But it's conceptual similarity to the Rangers might make it a non-starter.

Icethetics concepts will be presented in color again tomorrow. By the way, we're three days away from the 900th consecutive concept post! Any ideas on what I should do to celebrate on Wednesday?