Calgary Classic

For this Minor League Sunday, Justin Nahhas pitches an outdoor game in the WHL between the Red Deer Rebels and Calgary Hitmen. If nothing else it would offer some cool jerseys!


Red Deer Redo

The Red Deer Rebels will host the 2016 CHL Memorial Cup later this month. Thomas Hopkins is trying out a new look for the team in today's concept.

Not So Rebellious

Lest we have a week go by without a little something from Bastian Schmülling. Recently, someone asked to see a Red Deer Rebels concept on the site. I thought surely no one's taken the time. But of course Bastian has designed something for just about every team you can imagine. I may have to dedicate and entire week to him sometime soon.

The title of this post refers to Bastian's traditional jersey design style — which probably has a lot to do with why his concepts are always so highly rated. What do you guys think? Bastian Week?