Retro Rangers

Justin Brolley gives the New York Rangers a new retro-ish treatment today.


Resurrection of Purple

Justin Brolley would like to see the LA Kings reintroduce purple to their palette. So would I.



Union Inspiration

Justin Brolley was inspired by the Union soldiers' Civil War uniform when he draped a sash stripe across the front. What do you think? Too much?


An Unused Devil

When it was announced in 1982 that the Colorado Rockies would be moving to New Jersey, the press conference featured a logo that would never actually be used on the team's uniforms. Justin Brolley looks to change that with his latest submission.


With a Bit of Quaker

The Flyers never did anything during their 50th anniversary last year to honor the NHL team that preceded them in Philly — the Quakers. Justin Brolley shows us just how easy it would've been with a sharp home-and-road concept.