Purple Reigns

The LA Kings really need to put purple back in the NHL. Seems that Lucas Daitchman agrees as he put together this set.


Shades of Grey

Anthony Cinerari takes a stab at a new set of L.A. Kings uniforms focusing more on grey and less on black.

Resurrection of Purple

Justin Brolley would like to see the LA Kings reintroduce purple to their palette. So would I.



Kings of the Past

I still contend the Kings are better served in purple and gold, but Dallas Kirkpatrick has a pretty solid black and silver set here inspired by the past.

Kings of the Hockey Jungle

Some people find the L.A. Kings' black and silver uniforms a little bland. The purple and gold look stands out. Why not bring it back? Chris Fortier has done that and reintroduced the lion to the team's branding.

Editor's note: You can find that primary logo on Shutterstock.