Fishing for a Resurrection

I'm telling you, the New York Islanders need to bring back the fisherman. We'll see it in real life on a warm-up jersey later this season. But I'm saying it could work on an orange third jersey like this one from Scott Markiewicz. Why not?

Great Griffins III

I'm handing Sundays off to the minor leagues starting today. And for the third time in recent memory, we're getting a look at the Grand Rapids Griffins. I don't mean to harp on them, but a lot of great concepts came in during and after the team held a fan jersey design contest — including this great design by Scott Markiewicz.

Arizona Throwback

The Arizona Coyotes will where throwback jerseys from 1996 this season. But what if that era was mixed with the current uniforms? They might look something like this set from Scott Markiewicz — which I think is fantastic.

Calgary Simplified

Apologies for the late hour on today's post. Here we have a redesigned Calgary Flames set from Scott Markiewicz with a simpler color palette and striping pattern.

0669: ECHL All-Stars in 2015

This epic Minor League Week continues with some of the submissions to the ECHL's 2015 All-Star Game jersey design contest. The submission period ended last Friday and voting begins tomorrow. Maybe we'll see some of these included in the mix.

We start with a wealth of design ideas from John Elbertson. First is a design that's more in tune with the Orlando Solar Bears' branding. As the host of next season's event, there's little doubt the All-Star jersey will bear(!) their colors.

Then John also submitted a couple of more traditional-style designs in those eye-catching colors. The ECHL will only need one All-Star jersey because the All-Star team will face the Solar Bears in the game. But they've definitely got plenty of options from John alone.

David Kerr went a different route with this sunrise design. Or is a sunset? I could see the All-Stars rocking one of those.

Chad Jeske would have the team in white with a big star across the chest. Another solid design here.

Teal seems to be the most popular color among these designers. Brian Kolis added a twist to his jersey, though, with some sunny sleeve numbers. Lots of creativity in these designs!


Why should the ECHL get to have all the All-Star fun? Scott Markiewicz design a couple of jerseys for a future AHL All-Star Classic. It might look like he was inspired by the NHL's Stadium Series jerseys, but no! In fact, Scott submitted this back in September before there was even any hint of those Stadium sweaters.

It helps that Matt McElroy foresaw Reebok's new jersey cut with his IceBorn template months before it was unveiled. Psychic! You can download IceBorn from the Icethetics Concept Templates page.