A Better Arizona

The Coyotes already have pretty solid uniforms, but Kevin Dion has an even better set here.

Yotes of Yesteryear

Spencer Knight merges the Arizona Coyotes of today with the Phoenix Coyotes of the past to come up with this interesting new uniform set.


The Paw Print

The Coyotes get a bit of an overhaul from newcomer Tavel Gayle today, with the paw print logo front and center. It works surprisingly well!

A New Season Begins

Guess what. Hockey's back! As a new season begins — the first with 31 NHL teams — Alan John Herbert helps us celebrate by offering up his full redesign of the entire NHL. New jerseys for every team. Which ones do you like best?

Native Coyotes

If a full on throwback isn't necessarily a good thing for the Arizona Coyotes, than maybe this simplification of their original design by Avi Stein would do the trick.