Bleu For Montreal

I'm not saying the Montreal Canadiens really need a third jersey, but if they wanted one, I think Avi Stein has the right idea. Go blue!


Ottawa Is Easy to Fix

It's almost getting sad now. How is it that every concept artist who takes a stab at the Ottawa Senators manages create something amazing — while at the same time the team itself is unable to do the same? Avi Stein presents another great Sens look here.


Anaheim in Orange

Maybe orange should be the Anaheim Ducks permanent home jersey color. What do you think? I think Avi Stein really nailed this one!


Modern Wings

Inspired in part by Detroit's Stadium Series uniform, Avi Stein offers up a new set of sweaters for the Red Wings. Blasphemy? Maybe. But it doesn't look half bad!

Rangers Redo

Not that they need it, but the Rangers get a little redo from Avi Stein today.