Mighty Throwback

Alan Waldron swaps in some retro colors for the Anaheim Ducks in this one.


Duck Drawn

Morgan Edwards was inspired by some unused prototype logos created for the Anaheim Ducks in 2006. His handmade creations never disappoint but there's some immensely cool about this one.


Ducks Across Time

Paul Racz is back! Longtime purveyors of hockey concept art may know that his work goes back more than a decade. And you may know him better as "capn89." I think the last time I received a submission from him was 2011 but it's good to see him back — especially with this amazing set for the Anaheim Ducks. Classic colors. Modern style.

Identity Swap: Devil Ducks

We have a new Identity Swap from Lucas Daitchman. This time he's crossed the New Jersey Devils with the Anaheim Ducks.


Anaheim History

The Ducks unveiled their new third jersey over the weekend. I think a lot of fans would've preferred to see something like these jerseys from Dakota Pitts.