2014-15 IceHL Team Logos

Here's a look at the 40 team logos that will be in use for the 2014-15 IceHL season.

The Philadelphia Aces shift to the IceHL East this season after spending a year in the west following their relocation from Regina, Sask. Departing the conference this offseason were the Quebec Armada, who will go on to join the IceHL World in 2014-15.

The IceHL West will enter the 2014-15 season with a brand new franchise. After losing the Philadelphia Aces to the IceHL East in the offseason, the conference expands beyond the coast of North America to welcome the Hawaii Honu.

Right now, we're in the process of creating seven new teams for the IceHL World. The Quebec Armada will shift from the IceHL East after being squeezed out by the Philadelphia Aces. Check back after the IceHL World logo brackets have been completed.