Spotlight: Ogre39666

The IceHL Artist Spotlight series continues today, filling the gap when we don't have new polls. We're profiling the talented artists whose work is the subject of this project so you can get a better idea of who they are.

Selected at random, our second artist of the series is Steve Pace, working under the pseudonym Ogre39666. Steve submitted artwork for several IceHL teams and his persistence paid off when his Atlanta Arsenal logos, submitted on November 16, were deemed by readers to be among the Top 3 in a group of seven.

I asked Steve to tell us about how he came up with his finalist set. Here's what he told me.

I tried keeping things simple and a bit classic looking. For inspiration, I looked at the Georgia state flag, and decided that the colors and star motif could be nice elements to include in a logo.

Personally, when I hear the word "arsenal" I tend to think of cannon, which in profile, are simple, strong, and easily recognizable. So I decided to use it as the cross-member of the "A" and encircle it with stars Ñ simple-looking, but I think the simplicity gives it a classic feel.

For the secondary, I felt I had strong elements, so all that was needed was some re-arranging. Instead of using the cannon as the cross-member, this time I used a star with an inset cannon to reinforce it and since the points of the star and "A" matched up, it worked well.

For the wordmark, since Atlanta ends with "A" and Arsenal starts with "A", I decided to use just one between the words. This allowed me to use the "A" from the primary and bring some continuity to the set. The use of a single "A" also meant there would be six letters on each side so balance wouldn't be a problem.

If you have a question or comment for Steve, feel free to add it below. Approved comments will appear within 48 hours of submission.

You'll be able to vote on the final Atlanta Arsenal logo on August 28. Tomorrow, we kick off another week of polls with the Winnipeg Winterhawks. Next weekend, we'll look at two more artists in the Spotlight.