Spotlight: Joey Light

After taking a breather last weekend, the IceHL Artist Spotlight returns with a look at another artist with a pair of finalists. You know him as Joey Light and his Atlanta Arsenal and Baltimore Blue Crabs logos go up for a vote during the next set of polls.

I asked Joey to share with Icethetics readers his design process for the IceHL project.

For the Atlanta Arsenal logo, I researched a bit on the city and state. Found out that their state colour is green, so that was an easy base to start. Then once I had that to go off, I asked 10 people (friends, family, etc.) to play a word association game with me — I throw them a word and I wanted a quick response. The word was obviously "arsenal," and military was the majority answer. So from there I took the corporal rank (which makes up the A.A.) and placed that on the helmet with the Atlanta city skyline reflecting.

With the Baltimore Blue Crabs, I took a different approach. A little more self-evident. Wanted it to be symmetrical and simple, something that can be visible if it was a small print. And blue was the obvious choice. Much tougher decisions made in the atlanta logo.

You can leave questions or comments for Joey below. Another new Artist Spotlight will go live on Sunday.