Uniform Design Process

The next step in the IceHL project is practically upon us. And I'll try to keep this as brief as possible.

Today, the official logo of the Boston Colonials was unveiled on their team page. (All team pages will be accessible from the sidebar.) Eric Poole's logo designs snuck by with 38% the vote and will now represent this team.

Now that the Colonials have a logo, the next thing will be creating uniforms for them. It's going to mean running two parts of this project at the same time — logo voting and uniform submissions. To ease things on my end while we're still getting the logo voting underway, I won't begin taking submissions just yet.

We need to decide a couple of things as a group first. I'm hoping for your feedback in the comments in order to get some kind of consensus. Take a look at these bullet points and then weigh in below.

  • Jersey Format: Do we use the new Reebok Edge uniforms or stick with the traditional sweaters of the past? I can't decide and I'm open to going either way.
  • Uniform Design: Obviously, NHL templates for teams in the same geographical region should be off limits. Outside of that, what other restrictions might we need to put in place?
  • Uniform Template: We will need a template on which to build these jersey designs so that everything can be voted on uniformly. Point us to some of the better templates out there. Or maybe you've you designed one of your own that you think we should use.

If there's anything else I haven't thought of here, don't hesitate to ask. I'll take suggestions/questions both by comment below and by email.