FAQ: Unveiling IceHL Logos

Just wanted to answer some of the many questions I've been getting recently.

  • When are the IceHL logos being unveiled? Now. As each poll ends, I'm trying to get the team page launched within a day or two. (There was a delay this past weekend, but everything will catch up shortly.) Only Boston and Vancouver have been released so far. (Washington tomorrow.)
  • How will I know when a logo is unveiled? Twitter. It's right there in the sidebar so keep an eye on it. It's the quickest way to see what's new on Icethetics — the IceHL included. I update it several times a day. As soon as I launch a new team page, I'll link to it via Twitter and the original poll post as well.
  • Is there easy access to these team pages? Absolutely. This can also be found in the sidebar. It's visible below the IceJerseys.com ad on all IceHL pages.
  • How do you do get the embroidered effect on the logos? Tons of questions about this. I'm glad you guys like it. When I get some spare time, I'll put together a quick tutorial and post it on the site. (Pay attention to Twitter for that.)

If you've got more questions, please ask — either by email or comment.