Bad News...

Technology and I have not been getting along over the past few months. Unfortunately, as a blogger I'm forced to rely on it to a large extent. So it just makes it that much more irritating when it fails.

Just last month I was forced to buy a new MacBook Pro when my old one died. Now, my second computer, the PC, has gone the same route. This is important because, ironically, I use it and Paint Shop Pro 7 to create all of the graphics for Icethetics and, more importantly, the IceHL project.

Effective immediately, the IceHL project must be postponed. I cannot create graphics for the polls nor add the embroidered effect to the logos that have already won their polls. It sucks, I know.

As I try valiantly, yet hopefully not in vain, to rescue the files from that machine, we'll be without any IceHL updates for a little while. The worst case scenario is that we're down for the rest of the week. I expect to have a back-up plan in place that I can implement by the weekend so we can be up and running again by Monday. But no promises.

In the meantime, I'll be looking into running Windows on the Mac. But it looks like that will have to wait at least until October 22 (when Windows 7 is released). Any advice would be appreciated.

Please continue to vote on the current polls. There will not be any extensions for them. Polls remain open for seven days each.