Download the IceHL 2011 Yearbook!

IceHL 2011 Yearbook coverOver the last few weeks, I've been assembling something I hope will revive the IceHL. It's the IceHL 2011 Yearbook, a digital book now available to download!

This fall/winter we'll be launching the Jersey Design Competition so we can have uniforms for all 30 teams. But before that, I thought it might be helpful to revisit how we got where we are. It'll be a handy reminder for those of you that have been here through it all and a useful guide to help new readers catch up.

Download the 50-page IceHL 2011 Yearbook here: 

The high resolution version is ideal for a tablet computer such as an iPad and works just as well on your desktop computer. The low resolution version is available for those of you on mobile devices to speed up download time.

If you're unable to download it right now but would like a preview, check out this video sneak peek.

I plan to make the IceHL Yearbook an annual feature and I'm always open to new ideas about what should be included in it. Let me know what you guys think. Like I said, I'm hoping this format encapsulates the project well and will help to rebuild interest in continuing our IceHL efforts.

Enjoy the IceHL 2011 Yearbook!