IceHL Adding 7 AGMs This Week

It seems the inability of grown men to compromise and work together will foil yet another season of NHL hockey. We're all very disappointed in the league and its players for their unwillingness to make a deal. But as commissioner of the world's only crowd-sourced fantasy hockey league, I refuse to allow their buffoonery to spoil the IceHL's 2012-13 season — which was scheduled to begin tomorrow.

Instead, it will begin Monday with a smaller crew of replacement players. (Scabs, if you must.) Since there won't be any NHL stats to track at this time, we're moving on to the next best thing — the AHL. That's not what our 32 IceHL GMs signed up for, and while most of them have agreed to stick it out and wade through an unfamiliar league (with some familiar players), some GMs will be asking for help in the form of Assistant GMs, or AGMs.

That's why I'm writing today. The league needs a handful of AGMs and we need them fast. The AGMs will be responsible for managing their team's AHL roster — it's the next best thing to being an IceHL GM. It shouldn't be a difficult job, but it will require commitment and some knowledge of the American Hockey League.

Before you apply to fill one of our open AGM positions, it's only fair you know what you're getting yourself into. The IceHL will be a very different beast until the NHL season gets underway (if it does). Here are all the details you'll need to know as an IceHL AGM.


Each team will select 6 players (3 forwards, 2 defensemen and a goalie) in a supplemental draft to take place this weekend — October 13-14. (If you're not available, you can submit a ranking and leave your teams fate to the Autopick.)

  • Depending on how things go in the first week or two, I may add a seventh "utility" roster position (F or D). 
  • Keep in mind I'll probably have to update stats manually every week, so I need to streamline the process. But you will get at least 6 players.
  • IceHL EAST and IceHL WEST will still be separated, meaning teams in each league could still potentially utilize the same players just as with the ESPN leagues.


Stats will be modified from what we have set up through ESPN for the NHL.

  • For Skaters (F/D), we will use these stat categories: GOAL (4), ASSIST (3), PIM (1)
  • For Goaltenders, we will use these stat categories: WIN (6), SHUTOUT (4)
  • I will be relying on stats posted to the AHL's official website, so we are limited in what we can track. 


Each team will be allowed one player transaction per week (if made mid-week, effective the following Monday).

  • Teams would be permitted to change no more than two players per transaction (be it trade or free agency).
  • This means you could trade 2 players from your team for 2 players from another team.
  • It also means you could drop 2 players and add 2 players as long as it's part of the same transaction. 


Stats will be posted on the IceHL Fantasy Blog at every week.

  • Unless I find an automated system, I can't promise anymore than this. We have 32 teams and that's a lot of spreadsheet updating.
  • I will do my best to try to update the stats late in the week, but I can't make any promises.
  • If you want more up to date stats, you'll have to track them on your own. 


We will stick to the previously released ESPN game schedule.

  • The biggest reason for using AHL players is to keep our schedule intact. I spent a lot of time on it this summer and I'd hate to have to blow it up.
  • Final scores from each weekly match-up will be entered manually into the ESPN system, which should be able to continue to track team standings.
  • Week 1 will take place October 15–21. The rest of the schedule will be normal.
  • NOTE: AGMs will not be added as ESPN managers, however they will still be able to track the schedule, scores, standings since the IceHL is a public league.


The supplemental drafts will take place after the start of the AHL season.

  • The AHL season begins this Friday (October 12). So you will get a chance to see some teams in action before you choose your players.
  • The drafts will be conducted online this weekend via Skype Chat. (Skype accounts are free and you won't need a microphone or video camera to participate.)
  • Any GM or AGM not able to attend, will have players auto-picked, not unlike how ESPN's draft system works.
  • I hope to have a player ranking list prepared before the drafts (by Friday, if possible). This will be the basis for auto-picks.
  • KEEPERS: Just as with the primary draft, Keepers will be in effect. If players on your team's NHL roster are playing in the AHL during the lockout, you will be able to keep them. They will be your initial picks in the supplemental draft.
  • For auto-picked teams, priority will be given to Keeper players before going to the overall ranking list.
  • GMs or AGMs unable to attend the draft may submit their own rankings to me (commissioner) beforehand as well. Since the league will only utilize 96 players, if your list is at least that long, you'll be assured that all 6 of your picks will come from your list.


  • As an AGM, you need to understand you WILL NOT be taking full control of the IceHL team you are assigned to. The GM will remain in charge as far as that goes.
  • Think of your GM as an advisor. Their participation with you will be at their discretion, but try to work with them where possible. That said, as AGM, you do have final say on AHL roster moves.
  • If/when the NHL season begins, your AHL services will no longer be required. However, successful AGMs will immediately move to the top of the list if a new GM is needed either at midseason or next season.


  • During the NHL lockout, the league will communicate primarily by email. I also hope to set up a message board here on Icethetics for the GMs and AGMs to stay in contact with each other. Full details will be given to AGMs once they are selected.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

Otherwise, if you're still interested in becoming an IceHL AGM, sign up here!