Week 4 Update

There's still one more day of AHL games left this week, but I had time to do a quick stat update Saturday night so you can see where your team stands as the week is wrapping up. And as you'll find, things are going a little crazy this week! (Remember: These are NOT final scores yet.)

Out of four undefeated teams in the IceHL WEST, only two are ahead so far this week and even then by very close margins. The Renegades have been unstoppable for three weeks, they'll almost surely be dealt their first loss this week as the Lumberjacks up by 27 points on the back of a great performance by T.J. Hensick.

Also worth noting, our three winless teams are all within three points of their opponent meaning the Sunday games will very much be a factor in determining winners for Week 4. Most impressive are the Sharpshooters, who are currently tied with the Pioneers. Could one of these three teams finally get their first W?

The craziness doesn't end there. Check out the IceHL EAST.

As I mentioned in this week's preview, the big match-up to follow was the Barracudas and Lagers who both sit undefeated atop the IceHL EAST as Nos. 1 and 2. Somebody was going to suffer their first loss of the season. But as of right now — get this — it's dead even! One of these two teams will lose, but it won't be decided until Sunday night.

And speaking of the Sunday games, only the Barracudas will have a player in action — as long as Tomas Kundratek dresses for Hershey. (The Checkers have the night off and Mikael Granlund is injured.) With goals being the tie-breaker, the Lagers would have the lead. So unless Kundratek earns at least a point, the Barracudas are doomed to finally lose.

But that's not all. The winless Mammoths are up by 6 points and the Blue Crabs just broke the season record for most points in a single week. The Renegades previously held the record with 74 in Week 1. But you'll note their opponent is the undefeated Armada, who basically have no chance of coming back in one night. That means the IceHL EAST will have just one undefeated team left in Week 5.

Is it just me or is this season starting to get kind of exciting?