IceHL Rebranding This Summer?

Got a question for all my IceHL fans out there. I've been talking about putting a handful of teams up for rebranding or relocation this summer. But my question is this: should we do it now or wait?

If you don't mind, please take a moment to read through this before you vote.

We just finished designing jerseys for all of our original 30 teams. They're all now fully branded. Does it really make sense to start rebranding teams before we've even gone through a full season?

Truthfully, none of the existing teams are that bad that they require an immediate overhaul. So I'm suggesting that we wait until next summer when the IceHL Project will have a lighter load. However, I'm still open to hearing your suggestions.

Please vote in the poll above. And if you'd like to elaborate, please leave a comment.

I won't deny that part of this is me wanting to take a breather. The jersey design contests have kept me extremely busy over the past several months and I wouldn't mind a break. But that's just a small part.

My main concern is that we'll be making a number of jerseys that were just designed obsolete. Seems like a waste. I say once we finish with the expansion teams' jerseys, we take a break from the IceHL branding process and pick it up again in 2013.

I also have some other big plans for 2013 which involve creating a new secondary league called IceHL WORLD which would feature teams in cities outside North America. More on that later this year but I always welcome suggestions. Thanks for reading!