The IceHL Needs 7 New GMs!

The IceHL fantasy hockey league is gearing up for the 2012-13 season! And before we get started, we're going to need some new general managers in the house!

Unlike in years past, you will not be using the comments of this post to apply to be a GM. Instead, I've set up an application page with a form for you to fill out. All applications will be considered. Applications are now closed.

About the fantasy league

If you're not familiar with the IceHL fantasy league, here's a quick recap. The IceHL is actually made up of two separate ESPN fantasy leagues — the IceHL EAST and the IceHL WEST. The leagues are comprised of teams created for the IceHL Projcet's Eastern and Western Conferences.

There are 16 teams in each fantasy league. This season, we're currently seeking 7 GMs for the following teams.

IceHL EAST: Hartford Mariners (expansion) and Milwaukee Lagers.

IceHL WEST: Calgary Cavalry, Northwest Narwhals (expansion), Regina Renegades, Saskatoon Sharpshooters and Vancouver Lumberjacks.

For more information, here are the ESPN league offices for IceHL EAST and IceHL WEST.

NOTE: Obviously, there's the potential for another lockout this season in the NHL, which would severely impact the ability to run an IceHL fantasy league. In the event of an NHL lockout, any GMs selected for this season will be carried over to the next available season.