2013 IceHL Logo Submissions

We're halfway through this summer's 13 Weeks of R&R to reinvigorate the IceHL Project. Now the time has come to put our talented artists to work! If you have an idea, send it along.

The Teams

Voters have made 11 teams eligible for rebranding this summer. See all the names and recommended color palettes here and scroll down for the design contest rules.


The colors are not mandatory. If you have your own color scheme in mind, we won't stand in your way. However, I'd encourage all designers to avoid any shade of blue. It is easily the most overused color in the league. We could use a little variety at this point.

The colors listed include current, suggested and alternate so that each team has at least two color palette options. If no "suggested" palette is listed, then voters picked the current palette. Again, you're not limited to these colors, but this lets you know what the voters might prefer.

The Rules

There aren't many rules in IceHL design contests, but they must be followed: 

  • DO NOT STEAL ARTWORK. No copying or tracing. No clipart. No adapting existing designs. No "borrowing." Create something original and distinctive!
  • Exception to adaptation rule: Since we're rebranding teams, you may choose to update the team's current logo in some way. In that case, you will share credit with the original designer. (I'll decide whether you've made enough of a change to be included in voting.)
  • Entries must be submitted via email to icethetics@gmail.com.
  • Valid entries will include at least a primary logo and a wordmark. Secondary logos are at the designer's discretion.
  • Please submit vector artwork (PDF/AI/SVG) if at all possible as this will be helpful to me when creating graphics for the web as well as the IceHL yearbook. (I will also accept high-resolution JPG and PNG formats.)
  • Include your first and last name as well as email address on the actual artwork. 
  • Finally, by submitting artwork you agree to allow Icethetics to use it in conjunction with IceHL-related projects and publications. 

DEADLINE: Saturday, June 8

You have three weeks to design and submit your work. Have fun and good luck! We'll begin voting on Mon., June 10 so if you end up needing an extra day, please let me know in advance.

Non-Designers Can Help Too

One more thing. You may not be skilled in graphic design, but maybe you're the big-picture type. If you have a great idea for a logo design, but can't put on paper, try putting it into words. Describe your idea in the comments and maybe it'll help one of our designers who's struggling to come up with an idea. You may not get a design credit, but you can still be part of the process!

Good luck to all!

Thanks to the IceHL Branding Committee

I also wanted to make a point of thanking the hastily-formed IceHL Branding Committee. It was a group of 12 guys who had some great discussions on how best to brand our relocated franchises in Halifax and Philadelphia. Their work resulted in the names Halifax Dragons and Philadelphia Aces.

The committee was comprised of (in no particular order) Ross Taylor, Matthew McElroy, Andy Petzold, Tony Pomposelli, Mike Burmeister, Matt Riegler, Ed Power, Matt Marczel, Thomas Ogilvie, Mike Kelly, Brandon Hebert and Dan Roesch. They are GMs, former AGMs, designers and all-around fans of the league and each made a lot of great contributions to the process. We'll surely go back to them to solve any future branding problems.