Vote for the 2014 ABC Cup logo and Aces theme jersey

The time has finally come to choose a logo and theme jersey for the 2014 IceHL ABC Cup benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities.

I have to begin by apologizing for the delay in getting this vote done. The entries have been in for a while but I simply have not been able to make the time to put the polls together. There's no excuse. Unfortunately, we now have very little time to vote — this weekend only — since the ABC Cup match-up between the Aces and Blue Crabs begins Monday.

Polls close Sunday night. Happy voting!

The winning 2014 IceHL ABC Cup logo will be used as a special patch on the Philadelphia Aces and Baltimore Blue Crabs jerseys during Week 6.

Please vote for the design you think should represent the first annual IceHL ABC Cup.

There are 8 eligible entries. The winning jersey will be used by the Philadelphia Aces during Week 6.

You may vote for 1 or 2 designs. The entry with the highest percentage will earn the community's two votes on the IceHL Design Council.

The results will be announced via Twitter by the IceHL Design Council on Sunday night. You can follow the Council at @IceHLDesign.

NOTE · Future IceHL design contests will return to the bracket format we introduced over the summer. However, because of the tight turnaround needed on the results in this case, there is not enough time to execute the bracket system. Thanks for understanding.