IceHL World: Div. A Name Selection, Round 1

The IceHL World Initiative is speeding ahead as we begin the process of voting on the team names. As fate would have it, one name has already been decided.

Based on the results of last week's poll, the Quebec Armada will be the first team to join the new international conference.

After finishing last place in the IceHL East this season, the Armada were marked for relocation to the IceHL West to trade places with the Philadelphia Aces. Fans elected to keep the team alive in the IceHL World.

But we still need names for the teams in Russia, Sweden and Japan. Below the bracket are the first round polls.


Each team will start with a bracket comprised of eight names suggested by Icethetics readers. Over the next two weeks, a series of polls will determine the winners.

Results are hidden until polls close. This round ends on Wednesday night. Happy voting!

Feel free to talk about the merits of the various name options in the comments!