Submit your Division A logo designs!

After a short delay, we are beginning the logo design process for the IceHL World!

To help get you started, I've put together some concept artwork that should serve as nothing more than a bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

With these billboards I'm not attempting to suggest any particular color palettes or design elements at all. Just wanted a flashy way of announcing the team names.

The final design decisions will be up to you!

The Moscow Cosmonauts join us as the IceHL's first Russian franchise.

Next we have the Osaka Samurai hailing from Japan.

And finally from Sweden come the Stockholm Hammers.

Now let's get this show on the road. Artists of all experience levels are welcome to submit their creations to represent these three IceHL franchises.

The Rules

There are a few ground rules in IceHL design contests, but they must be followed: 

  • DO NOT STEAL ARTWORK. No copying or tracing. No clipart. No adapting existing designs. No "borrowing." Create something original and distinctive!
  • Entries must be submitted via email to
  • Valid entries will include at least a PRIMARY LOGO and a WORDMARK. Secondary logos are at the designer's discretion.
  • Please submit vector artwork (PDF/AI/SVG) if at all possible as this will be helpful in creating graphics for the website as well as the IceHL yearbook. (I will also accept high-resolution JPG and PNG formats.)
  • Include your FIRST AND LAST NAME as well as your EMAIL ADDRESS on the actual artwork. 
  • Finally, by submitting artwork, you agree to grant Icethetics rights to use it in conjunction with all IceHL-related projects and publications.

DEADLINE: Thursday, June 26

You have three full weeks to design and submit your work. Have fun and good luck! We'll begin voting on June 30 so if you end up needing a little extra time, please let me know as soon as possible.

Not a Designer? You can still help!

Maybe you lack the skills and talents needed to create a logo, but you have a great idea for a design. Try putting it into words. Describe your idea in the comments and maybe it'll help one of our designers who's struggling to come up with an idea. You may not get a design credit, but you can still be part of the process!

Good luck to everyone!