Osaka Samurai: Final Logo Selection

The IceHL World Division A team logos will be revealed on Wednesday, as previously announced. In the meantime, we have one last poll to determine the Osaka Samurai logo.

As you know, the Samurai logo originally submitted by Daniel Otters had to be disqualified because a photo was traced to create the design. There was no malicious intent on Daniel's part, simply a misunderstanding of the contest rules.

Because Daniel has been an upstanding participant in several past IceHL design competitions, I decided to give him a chance to correct his mistake. I told him if he wanted to redesign his primary logo, I would put it in front of voters at the end of the initial bracket.

Daniel has taken me up on this offer so his logo will once again face Colin Magee, who won the previous round. The two designers were originally set to face off in the round before but for the disqualification. So this works out very well in terms of closure.

This final poll will determine the winning design for the Samurai. It ends Tuesday.

Here's a better look at the detail of both logo sets.