Cosmonauts Jersey Voting: Round 1

It's time to start the process of picking a uniform design for the Moscow Cosmonauts!

We have a lot of voting to do over the next couple of weeks. More than 120 individual jersey designs were entered for the four teams in Division A of the IceHL World. Because the brackets will be large, we'll be handling voting separately for each team.

We start with the Cosmonauts, who have 39 submissions! This number breaks the previous league record of 31, set by the Lumberjacks and Dragons last summer.

Because we have so many rounds and so many teams to cover, I'm cutting back the length of each round to just two days, instead of three. I don't want to drag this out. Before you vote check out all 39 entries.

Jersey Submissions

Round 1 polls close Saturday night. Happy voting!

Check back Sunday for Round 2, Part 1 of the Cosmonauts bracket.