World Division A jerseys unveiled!

Branding for the first four teams in the IceHL World has been set! Today, we take a look the winning logos and jerseys together. Enjoy.

Distinctive jerseys designed by Dylan Alexander will represent the Moscow Cosmonauts. This marks Dylan's first winning entry in the IceHL Project.

In a series of landslide victories, newcomer Eric Westhaver handily won over IceHL voters with his Osaka Samurai jersey set, which was strongly inspired by the team's logo design.

The second set of jerseys in Quebec Armada history come from yet another first time IceHL design contest winner, Christian Legault. Christian took a progressive approach to designing the two jerseys with a appropriately nautical theme.

Finally, Daniel Otters became the second IceHL designer to create the winning logos and uniforms for a team with his Stockholm Hammers victory. Matt McElroy became the first to do so last summer with his Philadelphia Aces branding.

Congratulations all around! Now we get to do all this one more time with the final four teams in the IceHL World before the new season gets underway.