Hawaii Honu Branding Revealed!

It was a month ago that Hawaii Honu logos designed by Joshua Benkelman were officially adopted by the new team. Now I'm pleased to announce the winning uniforms!

No one should be surprised to see Matt McElroy's name here again. His talents and creativity made a huge and immediate impact on the IceHL last summer when he designed the winning logos for five of the seven rebranded teams — the Steelcats, Aces, Snipers, Lumberjacks and Sentinels.

In fact, he is currently the only IceHL designer ever to design both the winning logo and uniform for a single team, doing so for the Philadelphia Aces. But his first design contest victory came two years ago when he created the top uniform design for the Northwest Narwhals expansion team in 2012.

Earlier this summer, Matt also designed the winning logo for the new Moscow Cosmonauts franchise. His jersey design is among the final eight in the jersey bracket.

Lastly, I want to congratulate Eric Westhaver, who had the second-place design for the Honu. I don't mind saying it was one of my personal favorites in a bracket that wasn't short on amazing work. Huge thank you to everyone who entered!