IceHL World: Division B logos revealed!

It's finally time to reveal the winning logos for the rest of the new IceHL World teams!

Logos by Joshua Benkelman

This is Josh's second win this year. Earlier this summer, he won the Hawaii Honu logo design contest. After some comments on his original primary mark, Josh made some adjustments. However, the original design will remain part of the team's logo package and will be made available to jersey designers.

Logos by Tim Schellenberg

Tim has been participating in IceHL design contests since the project first began in 2008. So imagine how he must feel to finally win for the first time! He's definitely paid his dues and his logos will represent the IceHL's first Australian team well.

Logos by Colin Magee

Colin Magee joins the elite group of designers to enter multiple winning logos during this summer's IceHL expansion. He previously won for the Osaka Samurai. His simple yet sophisticated Mountaineers set is the second single-color design in the IceHL — following the rebrand of the Olympiques last year.

Logos by Matt McElroy

There really is no stopping this guy. It seems we can't announce a batch of IceHL logo contest winners anymore without including the talented Matt McElroy. He joins Benkelman and Magee with multiple winning logo designs in 2014.

Congratulations to all of our exceptional designers — even those who didn't win in the end. It takes enormous skill and dedication just to create a set of logos to submit and I am extremely grateful to have all of you as part of this project.

That leaves only one thing thing. Jerseys! If you're itching to start working on uniforms, stay tuned. The Jersey Design Kit will be available soon.