Final IceHL World jerseys unveiled!

The IceHL's summer 2014 design contests officially end today with the unveiling of winning jersey designs from the final four brackets. Let's take a look!

Representing the Crete Minotaurs is this gorgeous and subtle set of jerseys from the talented Nick Burton. Nick currently holds the honor of being the most frequently featured artist on the Icethetics Concepts page. But believe it or not, this is his first ever winning IceHL jersey.

Simple yet superb, the Geneva Mountaineers get their uniforms from Christian Legault. This is Christian's second IceHL contest victory after creating the new look of the Quebec Armada earlier this summer.

Dylan Alexander also picks up his second win of the summer with this pair of sweaters for the Gold Coast Rush. You may recall Dylan previously created the Moscow Cosmonauts jerseys.

And finally, it's the Cinderella story that keeps on giving. Matt McElroy continues to make his distinctive mark on the IceHL as he becomes the first artist to design the winning logos and uniforms for, not one, but two franchises with the fan-voted look for the Royal London H.C. He accomplished the same feat last summer with the Philadelphia Aces.

Given his amazing contributions to the league, I was pleased to offer Matt the job of GM of the Crete Minotaurs, which he happily accepted — though I think he might've preferred London seeing as how the team's branding turned out! You can follow the Matt and the Minotaurs on Twitter at @IceHLMinotaurs.

Congratulations to everyone who entered artwork for all of the design contests held this summer. It takes guts to submit yourself to the judgement of a community like Icethetics.

We'll be back next summer in some form to do it all over again!