World Expansion: Name Nominations

Four new nations will have teams in the IceHL World this fall! The Icethetics community has chosen Finland, Germany, New Zealand, and South Korea.

It's now up to you to name the new franchises. We'll be accepting suggestions all this week right here in the comments of this page. Scroll down and submit your ideas!

How name nominations work

  • Include a city with your nickname suggestion. All we selected last week were nations. It's recommended you stick with larger cities for these teams.
    • NOTE: Teams should be named for a city rather than a country. (i.e.: Osaka Samurai instead of Japan Samurai)
      FINLAND — Helsinki
      GERMANY — Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
      NEW ZEALAND — Auckland, Wellington
      SOUTH KOREA — Seoul
  • Do not suggest names currently used in major sports leagues. Avoid nicknames from the NHL, AHL, NFL, NBA and MLB as well as leagues in the countries in which these new IceHL teams are based.
  • Suggest one name per comment. To keep your suggestions close to each other on the page, you can reply to your first comment with additional comments.
  • Read existing suggestions first! Before submitting your nominations, check to see if someone else already has and, instead, click the heart-shaped like button in the top right corner of their comment. This will help me decide which names are more popular and should be included in the polls.

If you have any questions, you may ask in the comments or tweet to @theIceHL.

In order to the keep the comments area neat and orderly, duplicate or unacceptable suggestions may be deleted without warning. Thanks for understanding.