Submit your Ice Classic Series logo and jersey designs!

A week later than expected, the 2015 #IceHLSummer is getting underway! We're kicking things off with the original Ice Classic Series design contest.

First, some quick background. The idea behind the Ice Classic Series was to create a handful of "outdoor event games" during the IceHL season and to give us a reason to do some in-season design contests. Unfortunately, we discovered that our contests are best held in the summer.

So to get us started, we're going backwards a bit. We're going to spend the first few weeks of summer creating an Ice Classic Series logo and jerseys for last season's event.


  • Design an Ice Classic Series logo package and jerseys for the 6 participating teams.
    (You do not need to design all logos/jerseys to enter.)
    • LOGOS (3)
      Ice Classic Series I — Montreal · Portland · Stockholm 
      (Create one logo that can be adapted for each city. Note that subsequent Ice Classic Series will be named with Roman numerals like the Super Bowl. Ice Classic Series II, III, and so on.)
    • JERSEYS (6)
      Montreal Olympiques vs. New York Guardians
      Portland Pioneers vs. Winnipeg Winterhawks
      Stockholm Hammers vs. Moscow Cosmonauts
  • For the team jerseys, you may use the logos provided in the Design Kit below, or create your own. Designers are encouraged to create faux retro jerseys with custom retro-style logos.
  • Place each logo and jersey design in its own image file (PNG or PDF preferred).
  • Submit your final design to by the deadline below.
  • Include your first and last name and email address in the graphic you submit and in the body of your email. (Your name will be displayed during voting but your email address will remain private.)
  • Most important: BE CREATIVE!



To enter the contest you may want to download the IceHL Jersey Design Kit. Click the red button on the right.

The kit contains official team logos, the IceHL logo, and the IceHL jersey design template.

The provided template is encouraged, but not required. Designers may use any template they choose.

Useful links: | Hockey Jersey Concepts

When customizing your jerseys, you may use any name and number you choose. (Inappropriate names may disqualify a submission.)

Please note that the team logos in the Design Kit are to be used only on jersey submissions. You may not use them for any other purpose.

As always, if you have any questions, please email me directly for a quick response.