World Expansion: Submit your logo designs!

The IceHL World is adding four new teams this fall, and as of today they have all been officially named! Now it's time for you to begin creating your logo contest entries!

Like last year, I've put together some inspiration images to get you started. I am not recommending any design elements or color palettes. The idea here is just to get the creative wheels turning. Your designs are up to you!

There they are! Your four IceHL World expansion teams — the Auckland Rockhoppers, Helsinki LynxMunich Machine, and Seoul Express. Welcome to the league!

NOTE: All but one of these names came directly from the community voting brackets. Voters selected White Tigers as the name of the Seoul team, but the IceHL Design Council felt there shouldn't be two feline teams entering the league together at this time. White Tigers received three vetoes from the Council, who decided to adopt the runner-up name, Seoul Express.

Now let's get this show on the road. Artists of all experience levels are welcome to submit their creations to represent these four IceHL franchises.


There are a few ground rules in IceHL design contests, but they must be followed: 

  • DO NOT STEAL ARTWORK. No copying or tracing of others' artwork. No clipart. No adapting existing designs. No "borrowing." Create something original and distinctive!
  • Entries must be submitted via email to by the deadline.
  • Valid entries will include at least a PRIMARY LOGOSECONDARY LOGO and a WORDMARK.
  • Please submit vector artwork (PDF/AI) if at all possible as this will be helpful in creating graphics for the website as well as the IceHL yearbook. (I will also accept high-resolution JPG and PNG formats, but please do not save a raster file as a PDF.)
  • Include your FIRST AND LAST NAME as well as your EMAIL ADDRESS on your artwork. 
  • Finally, by submitting artwork, you agree to grant Icethetics rights to use it in conjunction with all IceHL-related projects and publications.


You have three weeks to design and submit your work. Have fun and good luck!

IMPORTANT: Take note that two of the four names in this contest are shared by former ECHL franchises. And of course Rockhoppers are penguins. Logos that share color palettes or design elements with any of these past or present NHL or ECHL logos will be automatically rejected. Make sure your designs are original if you want them included.


Maybe you lack the skills and talents needed to create a logo, but you have a great idea for a design. Try putting it into words. Describe your idea in the comments and maybe it'll help one of our designers who's struggling to come up with an idea. You may not get a design credit, but you can still be part of the process!

Good luck to everyone!