Ice Classic Series: Jersey Voting

Hi. Obviously I haven't been excelling at keeping #IceHLSummer on track the way I intended or the way you probably expected. In an effort to keep things humming along, I'm changing up the way we'll vote in the Ice Classic Series jersey design contest.

Just over a dozen designs were submitted for each team. The IceHL Design Council has narrowed the selections down to 8 per team. Next, you will help us get to two options per team by choosing up to 3 of your favorites from those groups of 8. The top two vote-getters from each team will then square off in a series of final polls that will determine the winning designs.

You have a tough job ahead of you as we have received some incredible submissions. Click the thumbnails below to view larger images. Happy voting!

Jul 20 · Your votes have brought the Ice Classic Series jerseys into clearer focus. With two designs left for each team, it's time to select the winners! Scroll through and pick your favorites for all 6 teams.

First Round Voting Results

Check back in a few days for the final polls for all six teams!