World Expansion: Winning Logos Revealed!

It's been an interesting journey for the four newest additions to the IceHL this summer. Now it's time to officially unveil the winning designs.

Auckland Rockhoppers // Daniel Otters

Daniel Otters brings a unique color palette to the IceHL with his take on the Auckland Rockhoppers. In fact, the vote was unanimous! All seven IceHL Design Council votes were cast for Daniel's design. That is impressive!

Helsinki Lynx // Daniel Otters

Once again, the beautiful work of Daniel Otters enters the IceHL World, this time for the Helsinki Lynx. The stiff competition made for a close vote of 4-3. Design Council members Will and Colin cast their votes for Daniel, as did 54% of the community, which counts as two Council votes.

Daniel has now designed three winning logos for the IceHL. His first was the Stockholm Hammers last season. Prior to that, he created the winning jerseys for the rebranded Hamilton Steelcats.

Munich Machine // Christian Ryder

The Munich Machine will have a brilliant Bavarian theme thanks to Christian Ryder. His logo dominated with a 6-1 vote of the Design Council. This is Christian's first winning design entry in the IceHL and it's a memorable one!

Seoul Express // Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor has been creating logos for the IceHL since its inception in 2008 and this year he contributes another, now for the Seoul Express! The vote was tight — a 4-3 decision of the Design Council.

Ross won three design contests during the creation of the IceHL. You can currently see his work for the New York Guardians and Edmonton Kodiaks. He also created logos for the Regina Renegades, who were rebranded as the Philadelphia Aces in 2013.

Jersey designers, stay tuned! A design kit with the new logos in on the way. Then we'll wrap up the summer by creating new jerseys for our new teams!

Then GMs are next. By early September, we'll be taking new applications!