Contraction Vote: Round 2

Deciding which teams to remove from the IceHL hasn't been the easiest thing we've ever undertaken, but it is moving along with the final round of voting.

Once again you may choose up to three teams to vote for. Results will remain hidden until voting ends and the announcement is made. Before you decide, here's a closer look at the nine teams in the poll. Click any logo below to see the franchise's full logo set.

As a reminder, the results of this poll will determine three of the four teams that will suspend operations effective immediately.

The fourth team will be determined by the IceHL Design Council. Their decision will be accompanied by a brief explanation. There will be an opportunity for the community to veto their decision.

The four teams departing the league will be revealed on Sat., June 18. At that time, the IceHL World will be officially dissolved and the realignment of the East and West will be announced. (Remaining World teams will be absorbed by the East and West.)

The teams eligible for rebranding will be revealed on Sunday with the opening of the first round of polls. It promises to be a busy weekend.

Lastly, for those interested, I wanted to share my thoughts — as IceHL commissioner — on the nine teams up for contraction this week.

Baltimore Blue Crabs · Surprised at how many votes this one received. It's a solid, simple design. If it were an NHL team, it might be a fan favorite.

Chicago Hitmen · To echo the comments of others, I believe the time has come to retire this more violent of team identities.

Gold Coast Rush · It may not be one of the strongest visual brands in the IceHL, but it is a unique one.

Munich Machine · It would be a shame to lose a team after its first season, but the Machine are one of few teams to rely so heavily on text in its logo.

New Orleans Gators · This is by far and away one of my favorite brands in the entire league. I was staggered to see it on this list. Great name. Better logo. We can't lose it.

Northwest Narhwals · The team's name and logo are unique, but the colors are overused and Yellowknife is a tough place for a hockey franchise.

Saskatchewan Snipers · Even a reboot in 2013 couldn't save this identity. It's one of the weaker brands in the IceHL. Plus, long time GM Tony Pomposelli has stepped down this summer. Seems fitting to retire his team as well.

Seoul Express · This is probably the most controversial identity in IceHL history. Some vocal fans believed another logo should have won the vote last summer.

Tampa Bay Barracudas · This one is heartbreaking. For three seasons, I served as GM of the Barracudas. It would hurt to see them go. They have a cool logo and great colors but my hometown may not be the most popular place for a fantasy hockey team.