2016 Rebranding Project: Submit Your Jerseys!

Summer is hitting its peak and that means it's time to design another new batch of IceHL jerseys! We just finished rebranding four teams — the Aces, Frost, Flamingos, and Smoke. And don't forget we adopted new logos for the Dragons.

That means five teams are in need of sweaters!


  • Design 1 dark and 1 light jersey using the team colors and logos provided. (Equipment is optional.)
  • Both jerseys must be in the same image file (PNG or PDF with transparent background preferred).
  • Submit your final design to icethetics@gmail.com by Saturday, August 20.
  • Include your first and last name and email address in the image you submit. (Your name will be displayed during voting but your email address will remain private.)
  • Most important: BE CREATIVE!


To enter the contest you will need to download the IceHL Jersey Design Kit. Click the red button on the right.

The Design Kit is a .zip file containing the following items:

  • Team logos (primary, secondary and wordmarks)
  • Team color palettes
  • Optional jersey template

As in previous jersey contests, the template provided is encouraged, but not required. You may use any template of your choice so long as the single image includes:

  • Two contrasting jerseys (front and back for both)
  • Please use your last name on the back of each jersey; number choice is up to you
  • Full set of numbers and letters (make note of any fonts used)
  • Optional: player equipment

Useful links: SportsLogos.net | Hockey Jersey Concepts

Please note that the team logos in the Design Kit are to be used only on jersey submissions. You may not use them for any other purpose.

Final note. Simply submitting your jersey design doesn't guarantee it will be included in the voting process. If it doesn't meet a certain level of quality, I'll give you the opportunity to try again as long as you meet the deadline.


You have one week to design and submit your jerseys. As always, if you have any questions, please ask by email if you want a quick response. Good luck to all!