Episode 19, Part 2

In the second half of this two-part episode of the IceHL Podcast, host Tony Pomposelli (Snipers GM) talks with IceHL Commissioner Chris Smith (Barracudas GM) and GM Kyle Grossman (Scorpions GM) about future relocation prospects within the IceHL. 

What will happen when the Philadelphia Aces move to the IceHL EAST in 2014-15? The GMs share their thoughts on where the new IceHL WEST team should land and what it should look like.

Recorded 3/16/14

Resources: Music provided by OverClocked Remix. Opening track: Heart of the Machine by Tuberz McGee. Closing track: An Engineer's Republic by Amphibious. Both tracks from the album Audio Engineering: A Tribute to Cid.

This clip — referenced in Episode 19, Part 2 — was cut from an earlier episode of the IceHL Podcast. It features Tony pitching his idea for an IceHL expansion team to Chris, Rob Brown (Beasts GM) and Jon Wold (Wave GM).