A Cat's Chance in Hell?

Well, the first week's match-ups are coming to a close and we're getting a first glimpse of how the teams are stacking up. For the Hellcats, it's been and up-and-down week so far, with our current total of 134.2 points helped by Khabibulin's massive opening night shutout. Bulin has 21.6 points from 3 games so far, with decent performances from Ilya Bryzgalov and Mike Smith adding 12.8 and 14.2 points respectively from 2 games each.

With the Nashville starting goalie Rinne suffering an injury, I dropped Boucher on Sunday night and added Anders Lindback, who has played two full games while on the Hellcats roster and has notched up 2 wins with 17.4 points. I am really happy with the points chipped in from my goalies, accounting for almost half my total up to this point!

My highest scoring skater has been Matt Duchene, with 10.2 points over 3 games. The biggest surprise so far has been the performance of Brian Bickell, a free agent pick-up after dropping the injured Vinny Prospal. Nine points through four games has helped the team immensely, considering the lack of points from the more "elite" players, the most high profile example of which being Iginla, zero points through three games. As a team, we need more goals. Six goals from 52 total games is abysmal!

There have been some massive scores put up by the other teams, and I'm hoping that my goalies will continue to put up some decent points, but some of my skaters really need to up their game! With a few long-term injuries in my squad, I've got some interesting choices to make in the coming weeks!