Can You Feel It ?

Hello readers! My name is Scott and I was lucky enough to be selected to run the Winnipeg Winterhawks here at Icethetics in the IceHL.

Let me tell you this is very exciting just knowing the dedication level of all the GM's is going to make this a wonderful experience. Throughout the course of the reason I'll be letting you guys know just what's going on with the Winter hawks. It's the readers who keep this site as popular as it is and you guys deserved to be filled in!

All the teams were drafted on Oct. 3 at 5 AM EST. Auto drafts can be hit and miss at times and the Winterhawks were hit with some good and some bad.

The good: In goal the team is extremely solid. Roberto Luongo and Kipper from Vancouver and Calgary respectively is one hell of a draw and I'm very excited to have those two elite goalies between the pipes here in the peg.

The bad: We have injury issues. Most notably Marc Savard and Mark Streit. This is going to present some challenges I'm sure, and I will be monitoring the situations of those players closely as we move forward.

I hope you guys following us are as excited as we all are to get this going. The league is setup for public view so take a look at the full roster and leave some comments telling me what you think, and where I can improve the team!