Trades, Trades, a Win, and More Trades

Looks like I’ve become the lone blogger. Haha. Regardless, it’s been an eventful week or so here for the California Wave. First of all, have you been reading out tweets? If you have, you could have seen how a trade comes to pass. That’s how I was able to work out my first trade since my last post.

Well, trade talks for Joe Pavelski fell through, but I did get another Shark. I successfully offered Henrik Zetterberg to the Calgary Cavalry in exchange for Patrick Marleau. It could go either way, and Zetterberg has been awesome so far, but, I can’t resist getting my favorite player. Besides, how can you hate on the HTML! (Heatley, Thornton, Marleau Line)

From then on, it seems like I just got a couple great trade offers. We were able to shore up our D a lot by acquiring Andrei Markov from the Aviators for Jarret Stoll. I liked Stoll, but we needed Defenseman in the worst way. Markov is now probably our best fantasy D-man now. Plus, we didn’t even have wait for Markov to heal up. He was back by the time we got him.

We also just recently acquired Rick Nash for Claude Giroux. Yeah, that didn’t take me too long to accept. Talk about “buy low, sell high.” Since we got him though, Nash has seemed to click on a line with Brassard, making our team even better. Brassard is actually leading the team in points this week so far. WHAT!? Maybe that wasn’t the worst 4th round pick ever.

Things are looking up for the Wave. We’re winning this week, and we’ve got the 2nd most points scored by any team in the IceHL. I think my next move might be to try to pick up a new goalie through a trade either in a package deal with a forward and goaltender, or just a forward (Although that Toews for Varlamov deal that went down a while back seemed like a bit too high of a price to pay).

Until next time: keep it real, keep it fresh, and keep it real fresh. (Yeah, I brought it back.)