The Playoff Picture for California & Beyond!

Sorry about the lack of updates. With the holidays and school starting, I think I (and others) may have been content with just updating their various Twitter pages.

Speaking of the Tweety-Box:

As mentioned on @Ed_Kodiaks twitter: “Ala, StL, Edm, Sas, Sea, Hou, Que, Cal, Wsh, Ham, Van all battling for 8 Playoff positions... Been a great first #IceHL season”

Let’s take a closer look at that playoff picture with only 2 weeks left.

1 x- Alaska 14-3

2 y- St. Louis 13-4

3 Houston 11-6

4 Hamilton 9-8

5 x- Edmonton 13-4

6 Saskatoon 12-5

7 Seattle 11-6

8 California 10-7

9 Quebec 10-7

10 Washington 10-7

11 Vancouver 9-8

Only Alaska, St. Louis, and Edmonton have clinched a playoff spot. I believe Quebec has the tie-breaker over Saskatoon, so the Sharpshooters have not clinched quite yet. Only St. Louis has clinched their division due to their tie-breaker vs. Seattle.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume Saskatoon makes it in. I would think only one of Vancouver or Hamilton will make it based off of winning the Smith Division.

That leaves 5 teams (Houston, Seattle, California, Quebec & Washington) squaring off for 3 spots.

From the looks of it, the Wave’s destiny is in their own hands, and with a 4-game winning streak & a tie-breaker vs. Houston, there’s a good chance we can make the playoffs. Especially if Michael Grabner stays hot.

What do you think is going to happen in the IceHL playoff picture?