Nov 2015 Recap

Written by Tony Pomposelli, GM Saskatchewan Snipers

For this month's edition of Inside the IceHL, I've decided to do something different. Now that we have two months of equal time in the books (that being 4 weeks of games in the league per month), how have our teams improved or slipped from October to November?

To determine this, I've taken a look at most of the stats that we track in the league, and created a stat metric to reflect this:

  • Each team starts at a neutral rating of 0.
  • A team earns a +1 to their rating if a stat improved from October to November.
  • Inversely, the team suffers a -1 penalty if their stat regressed from October to November.
  • If a team's position did not change or their stat did not improve or regress, the team will not gain or lose any rating points.
  • The stats that are compared are as follows:
    • Goals
    • Assists
    • Power Play Points
    • Blocked Shots
    • Goalie Starts
    • Goalie Wins
    • Points For
    • Overall Record
    • Division Standings

To take a look at the stats as they stood at the end of each month of action, take a look at the stats table for all three leagues here. Each league is on a separate sheet (tabs at the bottom of the document) so you can view the West, East and World individually.

Who's trending in the right direction? Who could use some improvement? Let's find out:


Frontier Division
Alaska Huskies: +6
Winnipeg Winterhawks: +1
Saskatchewan Snipers: +3
Northwest Narwhals: +2

Mountain Division
Boulder Beasts: +9
Vancouver Lumberjacks: +7
Edmonton Kodiaks: +1
Calgary Stallions: 0

Pacific Division
Seattle Aviators: +2
Portland Pioneers: +5
California Wave: +2
Hawaii Honu: -1

Sunbelt Division
Salt Lake City Scorpions: +9
Houston Hellcats: +7
Texas Outlaws: +9
New Orleans Gators: +1


Atlantic Division
Tampa Bay Barracudas: +6
North Carolina Nighthawks: +2
Washington Sentinels: +8
Baltimore Blue Crabs: +3

Lakes Division
St. Louis Archers: 0
Milwaukee Lagers: +7
Chicago Hitmen: +2
Minnesota Mammoths: +4

Seaboard Division
New York Guardians: +7
Boston Colonials: +6
Philadelphia Aces: 0
Hartford Mariners: -2

Valley Division
Detroit Chargers: -2
Montreal Olympiques: 0
Halifax Dragons: +2
Hamilton Steelcats: -1 


Empire Division
Moscow Cosmonauts: +1
Stockholm Hammers: +4
Helsinki Lynx: +7
Quebec Armada: +6

Mediterranean Division
Crete Minotaurs: +5
Geneva Mountaineers: +7
Munich Machine: +4
Royal London HC: +2

Oceania Division
Seoul Express: +4
Osaka Samurai: +2
Auckland Rockhoppers: +5
Gold Coast Rush: +1

What can we glean from these numbers? Teams with higher numbers are the ones who made some major improvements, and higher numbers tend to correspond to higher production and some standing movement as well. 

Teams who may have a positive number that are lower (between 1-3) are usually considered to be more static in their position, with less dramatic position shifting involved.

Teams with neutral or negative numbers generally indicate there's a step back from the previous month, with negative numbers being signs for concern because of the vast number of teams with positive records.