NHLToSL Format & Standings

Playoff Bracket

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The time has arrived to launch our next major logo tournament here at Icethetics. By a vote of the readers, it has been determined that NHLToSL will be our next theme.

You can read that S in the acronym as secondary or shoulder logos. Since the term "secondary logo" can be a little hard to nail down exactly, a more appropriate description might be "shoulder logos." The logos employed in this tournament are all those found on the shoulders of the home, road and alternate NHL jerseys.

Only 20 teams actually wear a shoulder patch on at least one of their sweaters. Each of these teams will present its best secondary logo in this new tournament, for you to vote on. Below are the two groups the teams have been randomly divided into as well as the details of the tournament's format.


Final Standings

Group A
1San Jose Sharks59566973257
2Los Angeles Kings67686455254
3Colorado Avalanche41547068233
4Columbus Blue Jackets63464668223
5St. Louis Blues68445445211
6Atlanta Thrashers47633056196
7Dallas Stars37326244175
8Florida Panthers53523132168
9Tampa Bay Lightning32483627143
10New York Islanders33373832140
Group B
1Washington Capitals69746381287
2Vancouver Canucks68676562262
3Chicago Blackhawks65697238244
4Boston Bruins68534757225
5Phoenix Coyotes52335356194
6Buffalo Sabres35473761180
7Ottawa Senators31632844166
8Nashville Predators32315839160
9Carolina Hurricanes48263543152
10Minnesota Wild32374219130

Tie-breakers: To break a tie in the standings, the edge will go to: 1. Head-to-head winner, 2. Best high score, 3. Best low score.

Notes: Standings updated every Monday after all polls close. Tables are sortable by header. Top 4 from each group advance to playoffs.


Eligible Logos 45; The logos featured as patches worn on the shoulders of any NHL home, road or alternate jersey will be considered in this tournament. Only full-time logos in use during the 2009-10 season are eligible. Limited use logos (such as those with anniversary or commemorative themes) will not be included. Since some logos are featured on multiple jerseys, all color options will be included during the preliminary rounds of competition. I recognize that once again this tournament will include some primary logos and that's bound to be controversial, but that's the way it is.

The Basics Although 45 logos will be in play at the start of the tournament, only 20 teams are involved. No team will be allowed to advance more than one logo past the two preliminary voting rounds.

Preliminary Rounds Since some teams have as many as three secondary logo options, two preliminary rounds of voting will eliminate all but one from each team. The first will determine color options. Several teams use the same logo on two different background colors. The second round will pit a team's winning home/road shoulder logo against its alternate jersey counterpart. If any of these rules are confusing, don't worry about them. Just vote when the polls go up.

The Round-Robin By Round 3, each of the 20 teams involved in this tournament will have all but one logo eliminated. Each remaining logo will now face four opponents within its own group, amassing points awarded by percentage of vote won. Four was selected as it fits conveniently between the too-long 5-week NHLToL and the too-short 3-week Third Jersey Crest mini-tournament. Hopefully this will be the happy medium we've been looking for. Each poll will be open for one week, giving us four weeks of round-robin voting.

Quarterfinals Just like the two previous logo tournaments, the Top 4 logos from each group will advance to the first round of playoffs. Group A's #1 seed will play Group B's #4 seed, Group A #2 faces Group B #3 and so on. The logo with more votes in each poll wins and advances to the next round.

Semifinals The winners of the Quarterfinal polls advance to the Semifinals. The logos with more votes in their respective polls win and advance.

Championship Final The winners of the Semifinal polls advance to the Championship Final. The logo with more votes at the end of the poll wins the tournament and universal bragging rights.