IceHL Expansion: Choose Two Cities

The IceHL Project is full steam ahead. And as previously discussed, our crowd-sourced fantasy hockey league will be expanding from 30 to 32 teams this offseason. It's a process that will take months to complete, but it has to start with a simple question: Which two cities should get new IceHL franchises?

In the polls below, you'll answer that question. How did I determine which cities would be included in these polls? Easy. I looked at the cities that weren't originally selected by voters to get IceHL teams in 2008. The Top 5 vote-getters from each region (east and west) are getting a second chance at the IceHL.

Polls close Wednesday, March 7. Once the two expansion cities are chosen, we'll be voting on realignment. Currently, we have three divisions of five teams each. With 16 teams in each conference, we won't be able to easily divide them into 3 divisions. I'll have more details about realignment when it comes time to vote.