IceHL 2013 Relocation Polls

It's April 13, 2013 — the official start of 13 Weeks of R&R, the IceHL's summer rebranding and relocation project. If this is the first you're hearing of it, read up on the details. Then vote!

In this week's polls, you're selecting which teams you want to see "moved" to a new city within North America — the jurisdiction of the IceHL. It's simple. Should the team move? Yes or no. Here are some important caveats to this series of polls:

  • In order for a team to relocate, it must receive at least 60% in the affirmative vote.
  • Don't vote based on conference or division. If a team is relocated outside of its current conference, the league will simply be realigned to accommodate.
  • Don't vote based on team nicknames or logos. Just because a team relocates doesn't mean it can't keep its name and logo in its new city. All that would have to change is the city.
  • On the Hamilton/Toronto question, due to popular request, Toronto will be included among eligible relocation cities even if voters elect NOT to rebrand the Hamilton Steelcats.
  • As a trade-off for Hamilton/Toronto, one of the Saskatchewan teams must be relocated this year. If one or both reach the requisite 60% affirmative vote, no problem. If neither does, the team with the higher affirmative vote will relocate automatically.
  • Be aware that Atlanta, Calgary, Dallas, Detroit, Regina, Saskatoon and Washington, D.C. will not be eligible relocation cities should any of these teams be moved this summer. They could, however, be considered in future relocation efforts after this year.

Enough housekeeping. Let's do some voting!





See that? I threw in a bonus poll. We'll pick the 7 potential destination cities this week too. In a couple weeks we'll figure out which teams will go to which cities. There are only 12 cities listed, but there is a 13th option (to keep with our theme). Vote for any unlisted city with the "other" box. The cities with the most votes will get a relocated IceHL team this summer.

Unlike in previous votes here on Icethetics, all poll results will remain visible so you can keep checking back with the progress throughout the week. You're also free to start social media campaigns to get your friends and followers to join in the voting. The more, the merrier!

Finally, if you have any questions at all about the process, please ask! I've thought a lot of this through but I'm sure there are things I haven't considered. Speak up so nothing gets overlooked.