Week 3: IceHL 2013 City Polls

The voting continues! This week's series of IceHL polls in 13 Weeks of R&R focuses on changing cities. But if we just looked at our two relocating teams, it'd be a pretty dull week. In addition to those, you'll also get to rethink the location names for the teams facing rebranding this summer.

Take a look at our standard pre-voting bullet points for details:

  • Relocation: As I explained in last week's voting results, you'll get to choose from the top four cities selected as relocation destinations. They are Halifax, Toronto, Philadelphia and Ottawa. What happens if the same city wins both polls? Whichever team gets the highest percentage will get that city. (The other team will have to go with its runner up.)
  • Rebranding: Nine teams were selected for rebranding last week. This week, you will vote on whether to change their location name. (For instance, should the Lumberjacks franchise be renamed for B.C. instead of Vancouver?)
  • Toronto is available in multiple places here, but only one team will be able to claim it. Priority goes to the relocating teams. If the Arsenal or Renegades move to Toronto, the Steelcats may not be renamed for it.
  • There's also a bonus poll at the bottom when you finish!

As always, happy voting!




Existing location designation noted in ALL CAPS.





Bonus Poll

One more question for you, unrelated to any relocation or rebranding. Every IceHL team has dark and light jerseys, but we've never decided on "home and road" designations.

Poll results will remain visible so you can check back throughout the week. Feel free to start a social media campaign to get your friends and followers to join in the voting. The more, the merrier!

Thanks for taking the time to vote! And if you have any questions, just ask.