Week 13: Final Jersey Voting

Well this is really it. The final polls of the IceHL's 13 Weeks of R&R project. We've come a long way since April and now it's time to pick the winning jersey designs for our rebranded teams. Based on their percentage of positive ratings, a few designs for each team have moved on to this final round. The number varies from team to team.

Results remain hidden until polls close. Winners announced Sat., July 13.


The Calgary Stallions were not included here because the rating period determined that Bastian Schmülling's original design will remain in use. It was the only one to receive overall positive feedback.

You may also notice certain designs have been included in the above polls despite poor ratings. Let's call those executive decisions. As the commissioner of the IceHL, sometimes I feel the need to interject a little bit. But I've always said I won't substitute my judgment for yours. Just giving you some additional voting options here.

When the winners are announced on Saturday, this project will come to a close. So for the last time... happy voting!